CPAP Memory Foam Pillow

by Best in Rest
Description & Features

This pillow is a premium quality reversible pillow that helps reduce mask leaks and brings your CPAP experience to the next level of comfort by incorporating aromatherapy within the unique shape of a pillow designed specifically for CPAP Therapy.

The Memory Foam CPAP Pillow’s revolutionary herbally infused memory foam layers help sleep therapy users achieve a deep, restful sleep and successful sleep therapy.

• 13 x 24 inches (approx.)
• Shaped for sleep therapy users - Shaped comfortably to support the neck and spine while alleviating the soreness, pressure and leaks that can be cause when CPAP mask press into standard bed pillows.
• Premium memory foam that molds to your shape – three distinct layers of ventilated memory foam which helps achieve the most comfortable sleep position whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side, or front.
• Herbal green tea infused memory foam Layer – helps relieve headaches and migraines while also helping neutralize odors for lasting freshness and a pleasant herbal scent.

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