Contour Ortho Fiber 2.0

by Countour
Description & Features

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People often have trouble finding the perfect sleeping position. The Ortho Fiber 2.0 however, solves the problem by providing an oasis of comfort to its users. Whether someone sleeps on their back or side, the Ortho Fiber 2.0 pillow positions them for a great night’s sleep.

Unlike any other pillow its breakthrough orthopedic design features a generous, contoured “Sweet Zone” center that gently cradles the head to eliminate waking up from trying to find that perfect sleep position. So, there’s no more tossing and turning, shifting from side to side and even slipping off the pillow end that disturbs sleep.

• Orthopedic-design Sweet Zone
• Gently cradles head for comfort
• Built-in orthopedic neck supports, in two different heights
• Aligns neck and spine naturally
• Helps soothe away stiff neck
• Provides relief from shoulder aches
• Gusseted for superior loft, comfort, support and durability
• Hypoallergenic poly-fiber filling
• Luxurious, “grand hotel” microfiber cover, with elegant piping along the edges
• Generous size and still fits standard size pillow case
• Size: 26” x 17” x 3 ½”

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