Lumin CPAP Sanitizer

by Lumin
Description & Features

The safest, fastest and easiest way to disinfect your CPAP mask and supplies. It works with a sanitization cycle time of only 5 minutes. Lumin relies on high powered germicidal UV-C light to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold.

It is intended for home use to clean and sanitize CPAP accessories, including the mask, and water chamber. UV-C light will disinfect up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi that can cause infections and illness.

The Lumin may also be useful as a multipurpose sanitizing device for personal care products (toothbrushes, nebulizers, toys, cell phones, etc).


- One touch 5 minute Sanitization
- Uses UC-C Light to sanitize
- Ozone free
- Easy access tray
- No need for replacement parts, filters or solutions
- No adapters needed
- Relies on a special germicidal UV-C bulb that is rated for 9,000 hours

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