F&P Evora Full Face Mask

by F & P
Description & Features

Introducing Fisher & Paykel’s newest compact Full Face mask, Evora Full Face. Featuring the next generation of Dynamic Support Technology™, where the ‘Floating’ Seal is supported by Stability Wings which work together to allow freedom of movement while keeping the mask comfortably in place. Sitting under the nose allowing for a clear line of sight, the Evora Full Face also features Fisher & Paykel’s unique VentiCool™ breathable headgear that allows heat and moisture to dissipate.

• The minimal design of the under-the-nose seal provides a clear line of sight.
• Soft thin silicone sits comfortably under your nose to minimize pressure, while the structured frame provides a stable seal.
• Headgear with VentiCool™ technology allows heat and moisture to escape from the head for a comfortable night’s sleep.
• Designed to minimize noise for a good night’s sleep.

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