Respironics DreamStation CPAP Pro

by Respironics
Description & Features

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The DreamStation machine contains a sleek, stylish and low profile design, which makes all your travels more convenient. The DreamStation contains Smart technology, including EZ-Start Function: help users gradually achieve their prescribed level of therapy; CPAP-check: makes minor pressure adjustments over long term to meet changing needs; Opti-Start: reduces the likelihood of apnea events at the beginning of therapy; SmartRamp: allows users to fall asleep to lower pressures. Finally, the DreamStation allows you to stay connected 24/7 with its Integrated Bluetooth feature.

The CPAP Pro is a fixed pressure machine that delivers pressure at a single-fixed level, between 4-20cm. It includes comfort features such as advanced event detection, mask-fit check, C-flex+ pressure relief and more!

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